Our Experience

When working on this task, we enjoyed exploring the place and discovering new things as we rarely went to Singapore River. We discovered many new and interesting things in the Asian Civilization Museum, such as how the modern things looked like in the past. 
Some of the challenges we faced were directions and lack of preparation. We were unsure of directions as we were not so familiar with the area in Singapore River. Even though we referred to google maps, it was still confusing as some of the landmarks are not indicated in the map. So, we ended up turning round and rounds. Also, before the trail, we were actually supposed to prepare some things. We did some preparation, but it was not enough. We did not decide on the civillisation to work on beforehand. If we decided earlier, we could have done background research on the civillisation so we would be clear about things going on in the museum. 
We could have done better by having more preparation, such as looking up on google maps beforehand on the locations of the bridges and landmarks. Also, we should have decided on a civilization to work on before the trail. Even so, this whole experience was fruitful for all of us.