Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Change and Continuity (Singapore River) Part 1

1) Starting Point( Coleman Bridge)

Group Photo(Coleman Bridge)

2) During the journey(Coleman Bridge to Anderson Bridge)
Coleman Bridge and high-rise buildings

High-rise buildings and Cavenagh bridge

Shop houses, boats & restaurants

Activities that are carried out along the river during the early days and the present day.
Present days:
1) One inference we can infer about the activities in the present days carried out in the river are boat tours. From the picture beside this, there are many boats stationed at the quarry. These boats are boats hired for those tourists who wish to sightsee in Singapore. Therefore, people paid to get into the boat which will bring them across the whole Singapore river and explore the magnificent landmarks of Singapore along the river.

2) Another inference we can infer about the activities in the present days along the Singapore river is that many business companies are situated near the Singapore river. From the picture, there are many shop houses and high-rise buildings situated along the Singapore river. This is so why as Singapore River is situated near the Central Business District therefore many business activities are taking place near it.

3) The third inference we can infer is that there are entertainment along the Singapore river. There are dining restaurants and pubs along the Singapore river. Therefore the locals and the tourists can chill and hang out after sightseeing or shopping to have a sip or to eat at a luxurious restaurants facing the extravagant view of the river. It is also considered as a kind of entertainment for them.

Past Days:
1) One inference we can about the activities of the past is that Sir Stamford Raffles first landing point was at the foot of the Singapore river. As you can see in the picture, it has a statue of him in the same position where he first stepped in Singapore. Therefore, this statues is a memorial to Singaporeans on where Raffles first land his foot on Singapore.

2) Another inference we can infer is that in the past days, many trades are held along the Singapore river. In the past, Singapore is known as the trading port where traders from all over the world came to this port to trade in Singapore. As you can see in this picture, there is a stairs leading to the river and there is no barrier. In the past, they use to stairs as a connection to transport items from the quarry to land. It is also use as a mean for people to get into the boat and out of the boat during the past.

Ending Point(Anderson Bridge)

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