Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scaled-Map of Singapore River

This is a Scaled Map of Singapore River, from Coleman Bridge to Anderson Bridge. We have labeled the historical landmarks and buildings in the Scaled Map. The map is scaled 1: 3000, which means 1 cm on the map is equivalent to 3000cm, which equals to 30m.

Historical Landmarks which our group identified along Singapore River.
1. Old Parliament House
2. Raffles Landing Site
3. Old Chinese Merchants' Houses
4. Boat Quay
5. Asian Civilization Museum

Google Map of Our Trail:

View Singapore River Trail by Casandra, Yanjin, Nadiah and Nur Nadiah in a larger map

Google Maps. Casandra Ong. Singapore River Trail(2011). Retrieved on the March 25, 2011 from Google Maps website:,103.852014&spn=0.001464,0.002411&z=19

This is a google map of our trail along the Singapore River.

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